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The company was founded in 2003 by Christian Hesselmann. He retired from Vesta Insurance in Bergen after having worked more than 46 years for that company. He is the major shareholder and CEO of IRCAS, Which is an independent Norwegian Consultancy company specialized within international insurance. Christian Hesselmann has worked his whole life in international insurance – within the fields of underwriting, claims, adjusting and settling, and on legal matters. Furthermore, he has also gained valuable experience at the top management level, in addition to being a Board Member of Norwegian and non-Norwegian companies and market associations.IRCAS key objective is to provide superior services within the various areas that Christian Hesselmann has achieved success in; during his professional career in insurance and reinsurance.
IRCAS- Insurance and Reinsurance Consultant A/S
Hatlestadlia 141, N-5227 Nesttun Norway

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