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Christian Hesselmann

 April 2003 - Own Consultancy Company
 With Vesta since July 1956 until retirement January 2003 in various Positions:

•  Legal 32 year

•  Insurance and Reinsurance wordings
•  Marine and Energy claims
• Offshore Contracts
• Commutations
•  Sale of Insurance and Reinsurance Companies and portfolios

•  Management 25 years

•  8 years as Managing Director of an active Reinsurance Company and also responsible for     reinsurance companies in USA and Australia .
•  10 years as Managing Director of a Reinsurance Company in run-off.
•  6 years heading up other Insurance Divisions.

•  Underwriting

•  About 15 years in Cargo Insurance, Hull and Machinery Insurance and Offshore Insurance

•  Claims Handling and Adjusting.
•  In all 12/14 years in handling and adjusting Cargo Claims, Hull and Machinery Claims and Offshore    Claims.

•  Run-Off.

•  12 years involved in Run-off of Reinsurance companies and portfolios.


Admiralty Law, College of Insurance , New York 1972

Master Degree in Law (Special Subject Insurance Law) University of Oslo 1964 - 1971

General Average Adjusters Exam, Oslo 1962 - 1964

Board Positions

19 years as a Director of an English Insurance Company, Thereof 3 years as Chairman of the Board.

5 years as a Director of an English Management Company, thereof 3 years as Chairman of the Board

10 years a Director of a Norwegian Reinsurance Company.

7 years as Chairman of the Board of a Norwegian Insurance Broking Company.

7 years as a Director of an US Reinsurance Company

I have also been a Board Member of various Norwegian and Nordic Insurance Pools and Marked Associations

Present positions:

August 2005 Chairman Forsikringsbyrået, Bergen

July 2003 Panel Member of ARIAS ( UK )

April 2003 - Chairman IRCAS

Additional Information .

Since 1972 I have to a great extent been giving papers to Seminars within Vesta to Vestas Clients or to other Seminars in or outside Norway .

I have also been given courses and papers in Insurance Subjects and legal problems in connection with Offshore Contracts.

I have been a member of Security Committees in Vesta and Skandia for quite a few years.

I have been teaching on Insurance and Reinsurance Subjects in Vesta and for the Norwegian Academy of Shipping and the Norwegian Academy of Insurance .

When the Norwegian Marine Insurance Plan was revised in the 1990-ies I was on the Advisory Board.

In 1973-74 I was a member of the working group creating Norwegian Insurance Conditions for Drilling Barges.

Special Expertise.

Sale of Insurance- and Reinsurance Companies and Portfolios.


Evaluations of Contracts regarding deliveries to the Offshore Industry.

Marine and Offshore Insurances Reinsurance

IRCAS- Insurance and Reinsurance Consultant A/S
Hatlestadlia 141, N-5227 Nesttun Norway

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